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Mystigue All-Over Honey Coconut Body Wash

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    A multiuse wash for the hair, beard, and body. Works as an agent to remove dirt and sweat while working with the body’s natural oils to retain its moisture and provide healthier skin and hair. Made from natural ingredients such as honey and coconut that contains humectants to leave the hair and skin soft and smooth in addition it also provides a soothing scent. good for daily use.

    Product information!

    Reset your mind every time with our all honey and coconut all over wash. This multitasking beard and body wash gently cleanses hair and skin with a creamy leather that effectively fight with the dirt and body odor So, whether you're looking to freshen up after a long day at work or want to start your day off on the right foot, our all honey and coconut all over wash is the perfect solution.

    Honey acts as a moisturizer for dry skin and kill the bacteria that can cause acne or body odor.

    One of the key benefits of coconut oil is its excellent moisturizing properties also it helps to hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and supple.

    What are the ingredients?
    • Water
    • Ammonium Lauryl sulfate.
    • Disodium
    • Cocamidopropyl Amine
    • Polyquaternium 7
    • Glycole Stearate
    • Polyquaternium 10
    • Citric Acid, Fragrance
    • DMDM
    • PEG- 120 Methyl glucose Dioleate
    • Disodium Edta
    • Propylene Glycole
    • Hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey.
    • Methylchloroisothiazolinone
    • Methylisothiazolinone
    What are the benefits?
    • Versatile cleansing.
    • Effective cleansing.
    • Nourishing and hydrating.
    • Soothing scent.
    • Gentle on skin and hair.
    • Moisturizing properties.
    • Free from harmful chemicals
    How to use?

    Apply a generous amount to
    hand or cloth. Work into a
    lather. Massage into wet hair,
    body and face. Rinse with
    warm water.

    Mystigue All-Over Honey Coconut Body Wash Cognac Blac
    Mystigue All-Over Honey Coconut Body Wash Cognac Blac
    Mystigue All-Over Honey Coconut Body Wash Cognac Blac
    Mystigue All-Over Honey Coconut Body Wash Cognac Blac

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    Why Choose?

    Is all over wash suitable for all skin types?

    Yes, our all honey and coconut all over wash is gentle enough for all skin types.

    Does all over wash lather well?

    Yes, our all honey and coconut all over wash produces a rich, creamy lather that effectively cleanses the skin and hair.

    How does all over wash benefit the scalp?

    All over wash effectively removes dirt and sweat from the scalp, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed. Its gentle formula also helps to nourish and moisturize the scalp, reducing dryness and flakiness.

    Can all over wash be used as a body wash for acne-prone skin?

    Yes, our all honey and coconut all over wash is gentle enough for acne-prone skin. Its sulfate-free formula won't irritate or dry out the skin, making it suitable for daily use.

    Does all over wash contain any artificial fragrances or dyes?

    No, our all honey and coconut all over wash is free of artificial fragrances and dyes. Its fresh, clean scent comes from the natural ingredients.

    Can tea tree shampoo help with scalp acne?

    Yes, tea tree shampoo can help with scalp acne due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


    Satisfied client: David Coleman shares his positive experience with our products
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    If you love Cognac, you will love to Cognac Blac skincare.

    David Coleman

    The scent of this beard oil is too strong for my liking and it made me break out in a rash.

    Lorenzo Hawkins

    I have been using this beard oil for a month now and I have noticed a significant improvement in the overall health and appearance of my beard.

    Patrick rogers

    Premium products, experience was satisfying. I love Cognac Blac. Try and groom your handsomeness.

    Kenny B

    Cognac Blac is my love. Argan ego beard oil is best oil for your beard.

    Chauncey Jones