7 Most Common Beard Problems Cognac Blac

7 Most Common Beard Problems

1. Itchy Beard

At least once in your times of growing beard, you will suffer the wrath of itchiness. Tearing your chins and cheeks with violent scratches is not the solution, but using the goodness of avocado oil to your benefits is the solution! Don’t grab the razor (as itching can persist even after you make the dreadful decision of shaving your beard), but buy quality avocado oil and massage your face hair before taking a shower.

2. Growing your Beard Longer

Every beard is unique in its own way and so is the growth of beard is unique for every weaver. Some can easily grow long, luscious locks while other struggle to get their bread thicker and longer. Even if you can grow your beard hair effortlessly, there will be a time when you will experience slow or no growth. This is usually one thing that is common for everyone! Luckily, there are many different facial hair complex supplements like beard czar and nourishing hair care products, which could help you move the process a lot faster.

3. Dry Skin Under Beard

There always comes a time when your beard gets dry and develops a hard texture. Factors like dust, humidity, and temperature mainly contribute to your beard getting dry, every day. To avoid this, pick beard shampoos and conditioners that are sulphate free and try to go for natural products. Use shampoo only twice a week on your beard and apply avocado oil on dry hair.

7 Most Common Beard Problems

4. Beard Dandruff

You probably thought that dandruff is something that can never happen to your beard – unfortunately, it can! Dandruff is not a problem that only affects your scalp, but can also become persistent in your beard due to dryness of skin, weather conditions, and even stress. Consider applying eucalyptus oil or grapeseed oil for relief, or get beard care products that have natural essentials and oils.

5. Acne

Growing a beard does protect your skin your pollution and Sunlight exposure, but for men with sensitive hair, it can also lead to acne. This can get uncomfortable, and itchiness can make things even worse. Bacteria accumulate around the hair follicles, and ingrown hair can contribute to the inflammation, which can cause painful acne. Apply tea tree oil on the skin, to alleviate acne and prevent it from happening again.

6. Smelly Beard

In situations when you don’t pay much attention to grooming your beard, it can develop a particular scent that can make many situations, uncomfortable for you! Without proper hygiene, facial hairs can stink due to unwanted oil and dirt. Wash your beard twice a week with sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, and neutralize the smell with oil-rich lotions and beard creams.

7. Tangles Beard

Don’t get me wrong, wild beards are perfect and sexy, but untamed ones can give you an unprofessional and unhygienic look. As your beard gets thicker, your facial hair becomes more difficult to manage. To get a clean and subtle look, brush your hair regularly when wet and avoid brushing when it is dry. Apply beard lotion or oil after your beard grooming session to make dry ends, tamable.

Put down the razor and add natural products to your beard grooming kit, to avoid common beard problems and enjoy the attention!