Many men prefer the image of getting a luscious thick beard growth. However, facial hair does not grow the way you want it to. There are different reasons for not getting the type of beard growth that you desire. One such condition is a patchy beard. Just by looking at the name, you will know what it means. This beard will not grow evenly on your skin. You will also notice empty patches of a hair-free surface on your face. 

In case you have a patchy beard growth, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Many male have patch beards while it grows. Yet, they carry it with such style that you hardly notice. There are certain Dos and Don’ts that you will have to follow if you wish to rock your patchy beard. 


  • Let It Grow

  • Beards should not be trimmed regularly. Growing the beard hair will help in identifying where the patches are forming. A fuller and longer beard also helps to cover up those patches. It is best to stay away from your trimmer for a while. It may look odd, but you will not regret it after a few days.

  • Keep it Manageable

  • A patchy beard may look uneven on the surface. It is important to invest in good beard grooming kits. Beard oil and beard conditioner are the two things that you must forget. These will help you keep your beard hair manageable.

  • Protect and Nourish Your Beard Hair

  • At times, the patchy beard is because of malnourishment. Therefore, you must apply good beard oil on your facial hair. You can also invest your time in buying supplements. These vitamins and minerals help to manage good beard hair growth.

  • Style It Out

  • If everything else fails, you can always select a unique style for your beard. A stylist can recommend different styles that can work for a patchy beard. An example of a patchy beard style is the Balbo. Those with weak growth around the cheek can try a Hollywoodian style. 

  • Shade It in 

  • Another possible thing you can do to cover up the patchy beard temporarily is to fill it in. You will need an eyebrow pencil to fill in the patches. It may look similar to coloring up those empty spaces. It may give you a neat and tidy look. However, this is just a quick fix and will not be suitable in the end.


  • Comparison with Others

  • Keep in mind that two people will not have the same qualities. Similarly, two people will not have the same beard growth. Each person has their own style and type. It is better not to compare your beard with others. This quality will also help you to grow your self-esteem. 

  • Patchy Beard Does Not Require Care

  • Like fuller beards, the patchy beard also requires care. However, you may not have as much beard hair as others. Still, they require the same care and maintenance as others. Maintaining a good beard care oil routine will help you to maintain a fine appearance. You can also groom and style your patchy beard accordingly.

  • Not Giving Your Patchy Beard Attention
  • If your beard growth appears patchy right now does not mean that they may remain patchy for life. Certain facial hairs take time to grow. While some grow at a faster rate. It gives a patchy appearance of beard hair on your face.

    That is the reason that you will need to give your beard hair some time to grow. Growing them out will give a fuller look, much more than you expect. Invest in a good beard growth kit.

  • Avoid Chemical Hair Growth Treatments

  • There are certain chemical treatments like minoxidil beard that promise you to get a fuller look. But it is better to avoid such chemical procedures. The reason behind this is that the facial skin is very sensitive. Exposing this sensitive skin to the chemical can lead to irritation and inflammation.


    Moreover, such chemical treatments also have plenty of side effects.

    Therefore, it is always better to look into natural alternatives for the treatment of the patchy beard.


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